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Packages Available

More than just a one person yoga class, we can work together to develop in what YOU want to work on. I will create custom sequences built just for your body and goals.

Are you craving personalized assistance? Are you uncomfortable attending group classes? Are you just getting started and not sure where to focus? 

Private Session with Bren - In your home, or on Zoom

Free consultation via email or video call


Package #1 - Develop Your Personal Practice (One Month)


  • 20min consultation to recognize your goals and current abilities

  • 4 x 60min one-on-one instruction of a customized yoga sequence

  • Reference material so you can practice on your own

We will spend one hour together every week as you master this sequence and become confident to practice yoga at home.

Price = $260+(GST) - save $20 when you buy this package compared to hourly rate

Package #2 - Advance Your Personal Practice (4-6 week Sessions)

(You have attended yoga classes and want to learn how to practice at home, or you have a home practice and are wanting to advance but are not sure how)


  • 20min consultation to determine your goals and current abilities

  • Custom designed 4-6 week series of yoga sequences, each building on the last

  • once per week one-on-one instruction

  • Reference materials and homework

Price for 4 weeks = $260(+GST) - save $20 

Price for 6 weeks = $375(+GST) - save $45 when you buy this package compared to hourly rate

Private Yoga Training: Services

Being able to have Bren one on one via Zoom offers me a more intimate experience of yoga than I am used to in a group setting.
Bren is professional, punctual, and uses our time wisely. She is consistent in her teaching model, so I know what to expect throughout the class, while offering variety in the content as well. Bren is clear with what to expect , so you are never left guessing. 
I especially appreciate Bren's invitations to contact her with any ideas of what I would specifically want to work on during our next practice. I was very happy to find that when I did make requests, she understood what I needed, included some techniques/practices into our classes, and explained to me that they were related to my recommendations.


Private Yoga Training: Testimonials
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