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Shifting Into Spring...Ideas For Attuning To The Season

Springtime is here. At least is in Western Canada. How can we adjust our activities and schedules to embrace this new season?

I have some ideas.


Get Moving

Spring is all about movement. Energetically rising. From hibernation to activity.

It will feel more natural to exercise now than during the winter. Hooray! One less barrier to your workout! Go for a brisk walk, go to some yoga classes, break up your day with the Breath Of Joy.

Wake Up With The Sun

This self-explanatory practice is a favourite of mine. I do my best to wake up with the sun all year round, and I bet I am successful 5+ days a week. It just feels so darn natural.

I am also a morning-loving person, the morning being my most productive and most lucid time of day.

At least give this a try. Maybe even go outside for sunrise. Breath in some fresh air to start your day.

Can You Do It Outside?

Whatever you're doing: can you do it outside? This is a good question to ask yourself right now.

Try going for a stroll after dinner.

Try taking that phone call in the backyard or park rather than indoors.

Try reading outside.

Try your meditation or breath practices outdoors - this is especially potent during springtime. Have you tried a moving meditation? Maybe walking a meditation labrynth or simply mindfully walking.

Eat Seasonally

One of the best ways to attune to the season, eat the foods that are currently in season in your area.

For Western Canada, this means mostly asparagus and microgreens! Try to get some local, healthy green food into your diet this month.


In conclusion, the key is to embrace this seasonal change. Don't try to keep up with your schedule from winter, or from last summer. Change your actions with the seasons. (Embracing feels so much nicer than forcing.)

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