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Mindfulness Tip : Will This Matter One Year From Now?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Check in with yourself. So much of our yoga practice is checking in with ourselves.

This could be one of many many ways to put things into perspective. When we get worked up and reactive in response to something that happens in our day, step one is always to notice. Notice that you have become irritated, or frustrated, or whatever the emotion may be. Just notice that this is what is currently happening.

Then ask yourself, 'will this matter in one year?' Next year, will you remember this event?

Often the answer is no. Whether the answer is yes or no, its okay, again this is just an opportunity to check in with your current state.

Perhaps realizing that the event won't matter next year will help us to realize in this moment that what we're worked up about isn't important. Maybe we can even laugh at ourselves, for innocently blowing a small issue out of proportion. We may be able to find more time and energy to spend the way we want, instead of using it up on a small error, accident, or circumstance.

I invite you to give it a try. Next time you are tense about an issue, ask yourself, Will This Matter One Year From Now?

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