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3 Simple Ways To Have a Positive Mindset

Feeling grumpy or negative? Turn your bad day into a good one with these totally doable mindset shifts. Practice developing a positive mindset - its easier than you think!

  1. Gratitude!

Surprised? This go-to mindfulness tool tops the list. Watch your negativity disappear as you turn your attention from lack to abundance.

For example, your old thoughts: 'I wish I had.....' or 'This stinks because...'

Your new thoughts: 'It's great that I have...' or 'This is awesome because...'

Try listing out on paper three things you have to be thankful for right now. Think of how good you have it!

2. Mindfulness - Will This Matter One Year from Now?

Ask yourself, 'will this matter one year from now?'

When you're worked up over something and you want to feel better, check in with your 'problem.' Is this actually as big of a deal as it seems right now? Will you even remember this next year?

This simple question helps to put into perspective the actual scope of what's bothering us.

3. Move Your Body!

If you're feeling stuck in the negative, move around! Shake it up! Get upside down! Go for a walk! Literally change your perspective.

If you practice yoga asana, try some gentle inversions like Downward Facing Dog or Shoulderstand.

Swing your arms around and imagine shaking the negativity off of your hands like water.

Walk around the block and breathe in some fresh air, or go for a drive and watch the scenery change.

I use these three tools REGULARLY to develop positive mindset, and you can too. What do you have to lose?

Next time you're feeling 'stuck' or 'down,' try one (or all!) of these tips!

Let me know how they worked for you. You can comment here or connect with me on Instagram!

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